Home for a Collector
 This sustainable home celebrates the intersection of earth and sky. One enters below grade and ascends vertically through the ground to arrive in a series of glass pavilions, anchored by rammed earth walls and sheltered under kite-like floating roofs. Wood floors, ceilings, and cabinetry provide a sensual layer within the rough walls and surrounding gardens.  Ecological responsibility guided the design of this LEED-Platinum, Net Zero Energy home. Earth walls utilize on-site material resources and provide thermal mass. Lightweight roof planes orient photovoltaics toward the sun, guide rainwater to cisterns, and provide shade through calibrated overhangs. High-efficiency envelope and mechanical systems and greywater recycling further support the ecologically sensitive design.  Completed by Aidlin Darling Design; Adrienne Swiatocha, design team.
 This modern tavern, located in San Francisco's industrial South of Market district, is the product of close collaboration with numerous artists and fabricators. A utilitarian material palette of reclaimed oak, steel, and concrete emphasizes the rustic yet urban nature of the space. The design takes inspiration from the sustainable agricultural roots of the restaurant's artisanal food and cocktail menu, and is slated to be LEED Platinum certified.  Completed by Aidlin Darling Design; Adrienne Swiatocha, Project Co-Designer  Photo credits: Matthew Millman   
Master Bedroom & Bath
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